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It's hard to know which child care management software is best for you and your plan. With so many choices, how do you choose the best? What features are important? What features will waste your time? There are many features you will never use, why pay for them? How do we know which features are critical to any program? Most importantly... the functionality of child care management software shouldn't be cumbersome to use, they should help you run the program efficiently and easily. CloudBB is a very popular Childcare Management Software that can help you solve these problems easily.

What is CloudBB?
CloudBB is an afterschool/childcare management software,which is a product family of CloudCC.It provides a new exclusive Pick Up feature that would provide the much-needed transparency to bridge the gap between student whereabouts, staff members, drivers, and parents. Also, it improves efficiency and increases accountability of your after-school center by staying connected with parents throughout the day.

What is the CloudBB feature?
1.Online Registration
Easy, efficient, reliable, and secure way to capture your web visitors. Convert and track them until they have enrolled.
2.Secure Student Pickup System
Safety doesn’t stop after the bell rings, maintain accountability of your child’s location from the initial pick up to the drop off at a learning center.
3.Ditch the Paper Rosters, Go Digital!
No more printing sheets, check in-out has never been so simple. Parents and approved pickups can complete check-in as they walk up to the learning center.
4.Fully Automate Invoicing Plans
Set up invoicing templates to reduce your carbon footprint, track tuition payments, and send reminders for outstanding balances.
5.Portal to connect families to their child’s day
Keep parents in the loop with their child’s activities throughout the day by viewing real-time photos, videos, and notes posted by teachers.
6.All-in-One After School Management Solution
Manage all staff, student data, rooms, lessons, and much more on CloudBB platform for after schools and childcare centers.
7.Accurate Marketing Delivery
Use marketing to improve your enrollment potential. Plan campaigns and measure your marketing ROI so you can improve your marketing strategy.
8.A Customizable Platform
Deliver a customizable platform to meet your school's unique needs.

Why CloudBB ?

Secure Student Pickup System
CloudBB’s secure student pickup system ensures that all assigned students are picked up promptly and safely. Our platform allows managers and staff members to edit, arrange, or update the status of a student’s pick up. Driver’s will also be able access these changes in real time on the BB School mobile app in order to make the necessary adjustments and securely check in students when picked up. We provide full transparency and peace of mind when it comes to the location of your kids!

Comprehensive After School Solution
With CloudBB, you have the freedom to tailor the platform to cater to your specific needs.
Build customized online registration forms and display them on your school website. Adjust and create recurring invoice plans, plan cycles, and enrollment. CloudBB will then calculate tuition and pickup fees based on the attendance days so you won’t have to!
Minimize manual data entry when parents enroll their children online, add new students, create pick up plans, or choose what classes they want to apply to. All the information is automatically captured and stored on the CloudBB system to free up your valuable time.
Improve efficiency and increase accountability of your after-school center with CloudBB's comprehensive after school solution with features such as online registration, marketing, invoicing, pick up process, check in-out systems, activity feeds, parental portals and more! If you want to know more details, please see our pricing plan, you can get started for free !

Customizable Platform
Simply drag and drop applications to manage your school's information. No coding required! CloudBB delivers a highly customizable platform to meet your school's unique needs. Create new objects, fields, rules, or workflows within seconds!

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