How to Get Alexa App for Echo and Activate Alexa App Echo?

Yes, you can download Alexa app and install it on Windows 10 PC, Android. But only compatible devices will support Alexa wake word.

The Alexa app for Windows 10 app includes access to now playing to control music and the ability, like any other Amazon Alexa app, to control smart home devices.

If you don’t have a compatible PC then you can click on the button within the app to speak to Alexa or invoke the assistant using a keyboard shortcut. Get easy steps for Alexa setup of

echo app and Alexa app for Echo.

First, find it from google play store and get Alexa app for Android or another device. Alexa login by entering your user id and PW of Amazon account. If you have Amazon echo dot or any

other device select that from the list.

Alexa app setup with echo dot setup by reading steps by step instruction. Connect Alexa to wifi and add wake work. Now, its time to ask questions to Alexa.

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