Instructions for Alexa App Setup and Echo Dot Setup

There are easy steps for Alexa app for echo setup and Amazon Echo dot setup. First, you should know why you need to download Alexa app and Alexa app setup. Amazon Alexa app helps to

connect with your friends and family via Alexa calling or messaging.

Amazon launched Echo devices - Echo, Echo dot, Echo plus, echo sub, echo show 5, Echo app, etc. Get Alexa app by download it from Google play store and Install Alexa app for Echo in

your device or get Alexa app for Android, MAC, tablet, etc.

Next, do Alexa setup by Alexa login and go to Alexa app setting, just enter your information in it. Choose your Amazon echo device and language. Add your location to know near results.

Set a wake work, it may Alexa, Amazon, computer, etc. Now, its time for echo setup, echo dot setup, Amazon echo dot, etc.

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