Tricks for Alexa App Setup and Echo Dot Setup

Here are a few tips & tricks to use Alexa app at your home. For that, firstly, download Alexa app and install it in your device.

Get Alexa app for Android, computer, iOS, iPhone, etc. Amazon Alexa app is useful to control your home devices that's why most of the people like it. To use it properly you need to do Alexa app setup with Amazon Echo dot properly.

After getting Alexa app in your device just do Alexa login, that is important for Echo dot setup, echo setup or other. Now, you need to add your details to it.

Also, you will see a list of Amazon Echo devices. Choose Alexa app for echo, echo dot or whatever echo device you have.

Connect Alexa to wifi, it is important to use skills of Amazon Alexa app or echo app. Without plug your echo device, you can't use it. So remember this thing.

After connection Alexa dot app and Echo device, you are able to control your home devices by saying, Alexa. Alexa is a wake word, you can give it other names.

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