Importance of Compliments in India

The easiest & most rewarding way to put a smile on an employee’s face (or on a fellow colleagues face) is to give a compliment. This, unfortunately, doesn’t happen as much as it should in the Indian workplace and in fact, there are many Indian bosses that may never give a compliment where the majority of the communication is on focusing solely on shortcomings and screw-ups of the employee. Not to say that there isn’t a place for that; however, creating a mood in your office space in India that is uplifting will result in higher retention rates, better performance (there is a caveat to this below!) and an improved ability to recruit talent.

Here is the other great aspect of giving compliments to your employees (and peers) in the Indian workplace – very few of your competitors are doing it! Yes, there is the annual ceremony with a 500 rupee statue, given to top performers, which is great, but we are talking about building a culture of genuine appreciation for good work done. You will stand head and shoulders versus your competition if you lead by example and just compliment when a compliment is due.

So what is the one caveat to giving compliments to your employees in India?

From Otis’s experience, he has noticed that a compliment more often than not may be taken by the employee as doing “too good” of job and now it’s time to take a break. With that said, when giving a compliment to your employee in India make sure that they also know what’s expected of them and how imperative it is to build off of the employee’s recent success. This bit of advice is especially important for foreign bosses.

We would love to hear how this cultural change gets implemented and the effects it has on your organization. It starts with you, show some love!

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