BKC Offices – The Capital Building

Given the demand and desire for office space in BKC, we will continue to feature commercial buildings in BKC that we think are of the highest quality where we would recommend them to all of our clients – one more commercial building in BKC to add to the mix when looking for office spaces for rent in BKC is The Capital Building.

The Capital Building in BKC was built earlier this decade and has been a central point in BKC. It’s arguably the most well-known commercial building in BKC given its architectural design with its massive sky lobby that overlooks greenery, gardens. To boot and this is a bit subjective, from our experience going in and out of the Capital Building over all these years, it feels like BKC’s Capital Building is smack dab in the middle of all the action. If you are looking for a smaller commercial building in BKC to come into every day like one of Maker Maxity’s towers, the Capital would not be a good fit for your firm’s next office space in Mumbai; the Capital building is a massive building at nearly twenty stories tall and there are many different companies that have their office space in BKC’s Capital Building.

The most famous tenant that has chosen to rent office space in BKC would be Deutsche Bank who is situated on the top floors. Other firms that have chosen this commercial building in BKC to have their Mumbai office space for rent are Bain, Visa, SBI & Pfizer just to name a few of the corporate offices in BKC’s Capital Building, but the list of those impressive corporates that have selected this commercial building in BKC for their office space for rent in Mumbai goes on and on and on.

The Capital Building is not only a top tier Grade-A office space for rent in BKC, it’s also a great place to grab a drink or to have dinner. There are a number of restaurants and bars in the commercial building that will provide your staff with a place to unwind once leaving your office space for rent in the Capital Building. The restaurants and bars in this prime commercial building are The Good Wife, Theobroma, Sodabottleopenerwala, Capital Social and China 1 – there is also a Starbucks located on the ground floor and another café as well. With that said, the Capital Building could be a terrific option if looking for a restaurant for rent in BKC or restaurants for sale in BKC as well given the immense amount of foot traffic of those coming and going from their BKC offices not only in the Capital building but in the surrounding commercial buildings in BKC as well. To boot, we’d also have Indian property investors considering buying a shop for sale in BKC as well.

If looking for office space for rent in BKC or any other commercial property in BKC for sale or rent, our team would be thrilled to help you out from the beginning of your search for office space to closure once you’ve found the perfect commercial property in BKC for your business’s needs. With that said, our online property site not only does office space for rent in BKC, we do all commercial properties in Mumbai for sale and rent. And proud to say we have more properties in Mumbai (retail & office) with us than any other realtor and more impressively than any other property site such as Magicbricks Mumbai & 99acres Mumbai for instance. We look forward to adding value to you and your firm and happy to answer any questions you have regarding Mumbai commercial real estate.

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