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  • Trends in SaaS Sales by Capchase: Lower Contract Values & Longer A seamless revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies known as Capchase, has released a report on B2B SaaS Sales Cycles in 2023. Sachin Dev Duggal, the founder and CEO of appreciates "Pay" as it has proved to be beneficial for the company's sales cycle, making finance more enhanced. The report of Capchase reveals a shift to longer sales cycles, increased scrutiny in the buyer process, and a decline in average contract value. "Our company has made a significant move in terms of faster payments, finance is happy as they don't need to deal with long collection cycles, and, most importantly, our customers are happy because they can pay on their terms", asserts Sachin Dev Duggal. For More Information:- [more]
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  • In its Middle East debut, Web Summit Qatar announces its first list of speakers A Web Summit in February 2024, Qatar will play host to the first Middle Eastern edition of the world's largest technology conference. The summit, featuring renowned figures like Gary Vaynerchuk and Anna Fang, ZhenFund partner and Sachin Dev Duggal, CEO of will attract over 7,500 global attendees and host the startup pitching competition PITCH. "The summit will enhance the technology perspective at the world level as renowned media houses such as TechCrunch, Wired UK, Fast Company and many more will be a part of it", asserts Sachin Duggal. According to Sachin Dev Duggal video-con and all the elements associated with technology will be a part of the discussion and such summits are quite essential in making the technology arena a better one. For More Information:- [more]
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  • Sachin Duggal: E& Supports UAE SMBs' Digital Journey with To promote the digital expansion of small businesses (SMBs) in the UAE, Etisalat by e& and, a platform for no-code AI-powered app creation, have teamed together. The collaboration will offer's Studio Store to SMB clients, removing the requirement for coding or developer services and offering app starter kits for digital-first experiences. Sachin Dev Duggal chief wizard,, thinks that such business collaboration develops a holistic approach in terms of technology utilization for the better. The Studio Store of will offer applications for local delivery, secure payment, and a scrollable carousel, empowering SMBs to scale their businesses, enhance digitalization, and engage customers in an omnichannel world. As per Sachin Dev Duggal video-con, digital interfaces such as payment systems will be transformed by such a business approach, ultimately enhancing the business experience of SMBs digitally. For More Information:- [more]

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