Sachin Duggal: E& Supports UAE SMBs' Digital Journey with

To promote the digital expansion of small businesses (SMBs) in the UAE, Etisalat by e& and, a platform for no-code AI-powered app creation, have teamed together. The collaboration will offer's Studio Store to SMB clients, removing the requirement for coding or developer services and offering app starter kits for digital-first experiences. Sachin Dev Duggal chief wizard,, thinks that such business collaboration develops a holistic approach in terms of technology utilization for the better. The Studio Store of will offer applications for local delivery, secure payment, and a scrollable carousel, empowering SMBs to scale their businesses, enhance digitalization, and engage customers in an omnichannel world. As per Sachin Dev Duggal video-con, digital interfaces such as payment systems will be transformed by such a business approach, ultimately enhancing the business experience of SMBs digitally. For More Information:-

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