Carter Road – A Place Furnished by God Himself

Carter Road, a place located in the heart of Bandra, where sunsets and sunrise play around day and night, cold breezes which meet your body and touches your soul, the winds sound like an old song, a song which is constantly dancing in yours ears, you are suddenly happy and free, like someone just lied to your problems that you are not home, the serene is unmatchable, it’s almost home and hence I say a place furnished by God himself.

Apart from this, the place is one the cleanest in the city and holds ecological importance with lush mangroves covering half a kilometre of the area, the locality is very posh, as it has many bungalows, and famous business people and Bollywood families reside there; Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Singhania, Sunil Shetty, Tiger Shroff and many more – clearly, they all can’t be wrong!

Carter Road - A Place Furnished by God HimselfIt is a tourist attraction, and people from all over Mumbai, let alone all over the world come to Carter Road. The one kilometre stretch has three parks one for adults, one specifically for kids and one dedicated to dogs, yes dogs, amazing, isn’t it? It is popular amongst people of all ages, specially the youth mainly because the vicinity has two colleges, Rizvi college and St. Andrews respectively. The shops on Carter Road are background to millions of selfies, the place is also a shelf to showpieces of exceptional architecture, benches and floor made like a chessboard, a 20 feet bat made entirely of steel is installed in honour of the living cricket legend- Sachin Tendulkar.

Whenever restlessness kisses you, whenever you feel the need to ‘feel’ home, go visit Carter Road.

It’s not just the shops, it’s the feel of Carter Road that makes it magical. If you “feel” like your business would be a good fit at this special property site in Mumbai take a look at the shops for rent in Carter Road, or for that matter the shops for rent in Bandra West, and you & your firm could land a commercial property in Mumbai at a place furnished by God himself. Move forward with

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