Is the Real Estate sector going under digital change?

During tough times it gives rise to new creation and innovation; it is the same situation for the real estate sector. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown after lockdown have resulted in more pressure for real estate companies all over India. The firms are finding innovative solutions to their problems which will help them continue their business. For eg. (Webinars, Virtual inspections, Online meetings)

One of the biggest reasons there is a downfall in transactions or deals is unable to visit the commercial property. Jagaha is providing a walkthrough from youtube videos to actual virtual inspections. Jagaha has more than 35,000 properties live on the site from office space for rent to shops and restaurants which provides various options for the buyers. Many such webinars and e-launches are conducted just to keep the market in an economic flow. People expected to markets to certainly crash during this pandemic but it was not as bad as it was expected.

All these methods are certainly being accepted by people and increasing day by day. In this world and time, people who are willing to buy these commercial properties certainly have internet services that make the process easier and hassle-free. Instead of going through all the options including those that are not according to their requirement they can filter out properties as they need at one go. At Jagaha as you can see all the properties are 100 % verified and listed by the owners which makes the process much faster in terms of the property inspections and deal closer.

In order to maintain social distancing and following the rules, online sales have taken a big boost and Jagaha has already adapted these changes from one-click inquiry to actually seeing the property through youtube videos and having verified information and images makes it more reliable for the customers to trust with their information. The trend of virtual inspections and deals is expected to be even after the post COVID world and people will slowly but surely adapt to all these situations. To know more about or for any inquiry pls contact on or you can call us at +91 – 9029000670

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