How the Retail sector is starting to operate in a new normal

A couple of months has been a tough time for all the people across the world in terms of shops, offices, and restaurants. every sector that needs a physical presence over there. People have just forgotten or in other words afraid of going to malls in these tough times. The developers are coming together to restart these sectors in every part of the country. Malls recently started in Mumbai and other nearby areas have certainly seen people going to malls but not at that level.

How malls have picked up all across Mumbai :

After being closed for more than 5 months which has never happened in Mumbai the retail sector is certainly starting to pick up the pace. People are preferring a big footfall to avoid the spread of infection. There are certain protocols followed while entering a mall the person has to go through thermal screening temperature check he has to have the arogya setu app installed on their phone. The food courts in the malls are closed but still, people are slowly and slowly starting to go to the malls. Having recently opened the malls are not advertising anything regarding the malls being open. The authorities are focusing on how many tenants open their place and even the retailers are facing workforce issues. These issues will be solved slowly as the entire city is restarting one way or the other. Shops for rent in Mumbai are actually hard to find but seeing the opportunities right now people should definitely see the future profit in these times.

Good things happening after lockdown for retailers :

People are coming with a more focused mindset in the malls not to just roam around, take the things they need and leave the public area as soon as possible. Due to this thing we have seen fewer people in malls but the highest conversion rate. Every person visiting a mall right now is definitely there for a reason to buy something which is a huge positive side compared to earlier days where people just visited malls for change of weather or just to spend their free time. Most of the people according to the sources are seen in the evening and they exactly know what they have to buy. The retails sector is expected to return to normalcy by end of the year.

Category-wise performance :

After the lockdown retailers will have immense traction towards the grocery, electronics, kids wear, health and beauty sector. The only sector that is a bit struggling is restaurants and dining, people are preferring to eat at their homes rather than having to dine in for a meal.

Future of malls or retail sector?

Mall owners and retailers have to collaborate with each other so that they can connect with the customers and provide them the services they need more efficiently and safely.

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