Is the Real Estate Sector Turning Gold as an Investment Asset?

Investors invest in various types of assets such as real estate, gold, stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits and many such sectors. At a certain point, gold was a preferable investment asset. But recently we have seen people started investing more in the real estate sector, even more than the stock market or gold as prices of the stock market are going in a downward trend where the gold prices are going to new heights and real estate at a reasonable rate.

According to the reports, 35% of the investors choose to invest in the real estate sector, 28% prefer gold, 22 percent in fixed deposit while only 16% percent would invest in the stock market. This report clearly shows the tendency of the market if going towards the real estate market. Considering this Jagaha is providing various options for commercial properties for sale in areas like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

The reason why people are considering investing more in real estate is stability, while in a previous blog we saw how IT companies are looking for big office spaces which means more people are seeking rental properties which makes it a regular return on a certain investment. Stocks on the other side do highly depend on the market or what are the changes happening in the current world. Especially after the lockdown the market has crashed and is going in a downward trend. This has pulled many investors in the real estate sector to maintain stability on the income they are getting.

The post-COVID era is expected to bring up a scenario in the real estate market very difficult from the one earlier. Larger projects with office spaces, retail stores and more common amenities are expected to rise. It would be a good area for developers to explore as the commercial sales would increase and for investors as a number of localities are starting to emerge as profitable for investing in real estate. Considering this Jagaha is now providing safety fit-outs with D-Jagaha to know more about this inquire now on +91 7718811032 or Mail –

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