What does Opaque Pricing mean for hotels? | Hotel Marketing
November 30, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Opaque is the opposite of transparent. In transparent pricing, the customer sees the brand or product he is buying. In opaque pricing, the customer does not see this branding.

Opaque pricing is useful to a hotel because the hotel can offer considerable discounts to prospective guests without affecting the hotel’s published price position. The word “opaque” is used because the hotel’s branding remains hidden throughout the entire booking process until the reservation is made.

Opaque pricing is a good strategy to use if the hotel wants to reach more price-conscious customers who are less interested in the specifics of the booking and more concerned about the cost. Websites such as Hotwire are a classic example where price is the first thing that is sold, and the hotel comes second.

Our advice on opaque pricing is not to be put off on offering ultimately lower prices. These discount websites make up an increasing proportion of the hotel sales market. Revenues from these sales tend to be lower, but the approach is entirely demand driven, which means it’s a great strategy to use for filling up empty rooms in a hotel. For this reason, many hotel booking websites have their own opaque pricing subsidiaries, often offering a last-minute deal or a secret hotel deal which guests can’t find anywhere else.

Opaque pricing is definitely a strategy to consider for a hotel.

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