How to Market a Hotel? | Hotel Marketing
December 13, 2020|Hotel Marketing

1. Boost PR

While traditional advertising is an important part of marketing, public relations can play an equally important role and should always be taken into consideration in any marketing strategy.

The press and the media can create a huge impact on just about anything, which makes them significantly important to many businesses, including the hotel sector. Genuinely positive reviews especially from journalists, travel bloggers and social media influencers are invaluable to this business, and having strong public relations can keep it within reach.

2. Get feedback from clients

A hotel’s positive reputation and image can easily be created by getting feedback from happy customers. It is always best to ask clients for reviews and make them available in different platforms such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Google. Customers’ feedback can help the hotel highlight its strengths, and also determine the business’ weaknesses, which can be used by the operations team to improve services.

3. Build relationships with partners

Tourism and hotels go hand in hand. When local destination marketing companies promote tourism, it almost always equates to hotels being promoted as well. By making sure that the hotel has solid partnerships with local tourism companies, it ensures that the business is getting as much publicity and advertising as possible. It is best to always provide partners with the hotel’s latest prices and information.

4. Make direct sales

This is probably the best way to connect with customers. Making direct sales through the hotel’s own website gives the business the most control and profit because there is no need to pay commission to affiliates or third party sites. In generating direct sales however, it is important to make the hotel easily searchable online. This is where search engine optimization steps in. SEO makes searching for the hotel easy and hassle-free, and conveniently converts a simple search into a sale.

5. Find a key selling point
Hotels are always compared for their prices. But a hotel that offers something unique or exclusive to its customers delivers more value and appeal to potential guests. A hotel's unique selling point is hard to replicate. Make sure to establish what is, highlight it and use it to put the hotel ahead of the game. LLC

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