My cousin has been working at the ITC Grand Chola in Chennai since 2009. After her education as a certified beautician, podiatrist, and makeup artist, she enrolled at the ITC Grand Chola as a trainee. And very quickly she worked her way up the ranks, becoming Spa Manager.

She has been strongly involved in the development of the hotel and also training other hotels in the group in carrying out ITC Grand Chola treatments.

After school, she started to study the University of Construction Engineering in Chennai, but she quickly realized that her passion lied in the beauty industry and decided to quit the University and started to pursue a career in the wellness industry. So, she needed to find the best massage centers and Spa In Chennai and that's why she took the help of IzyDaisy – A Classified Portal.

So, after one year of beauty school in Chennai, she started at ITC Grand Chola on 1st October 2009 as a trainee. She became a Spa Attendant on 1st Feb 2010, then a Spa Supervisor on 1st January 2011. On 1st Aril, 2013, she became Assistant Spa Manager and Acting Spa Manager on 1st March 2015. Finally, she got promoted and became Spa Manager in 2016.

The hardest challenge she faced during the training is to make the engaged and motivated team at all times. Nevertheless, she was proud to say that through learning to teach, respecting every individual member of her team, and adhering to her needs, she has seen great improvements since taking over as a Spa Manager! And you won't believe, after becoming a Manager, the turnover of the Spa has significantly increased. Her boss was very happy with her work and that's why her boss was also looking to find the same talent in the industry from the Spa In Chennai portal.

After getting a promotion, her responsibilities were also multiplied so she needed to stay on top of trends in this constantly changing and developing the industry. She deals with the new techniques, devices, and ideas that are coming out every week. So, she has to select what will work for a hotel spa and what will be last-longing, and not a Fad, is certainly not easy. From her past mistakes, she has learned to be more selective, tried to ensure that she choose things that will be successful in the long-term.

The job at ITC Grand Chola that have found through the Spa In Chennai portal, she is proud to have a place within the ITC Grand Chola family, where she feels respected and have an opportunity to voice her opinion and the possibilities to train other staff. She is proud that she has managed to strongly increase spa revenue, making the spa – the strongest player in the city. She has been nominated for the Spa Manager of the year award, which is another achievement she and I also proud of!!

Do you know, what is the best part of working in this industry? You will never get bored as this industry is constantly growing and moving and thus it is extremely dynamic and interesting. Moreover, it is an industry in which you can work and meet different people from different walks of life and cultures. Another great thing is your job is about making individuals feel better and just be better. So, if you also have that passion to become better and want to grow, find the foremost Spa or massage centers from the Spa In Chennai portal.


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