For years, my friend Rahul was a tech executive who helped raise millions of rupees in venture capital. Then he decided to try in a different field for investment. In 2003, he considered investing in a fast-food franchise before choosing an alternative: the spa and body massage services in Bangalore. In fast food, Rahul reasoned, you never know how many customers will walk in the door, but massage envy sells one-year membership for Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000 a month, which means recurring revenue.

By promoting his services on izydaisy, today Rahul owns five massage envy clinics in Bangalore and says 60% of his revenue comes from those membership fees. He has raised big money and this is the most successful and fun business venture he has ever been in. For many years, massage envy’s affordable-membership model has propelled the chain and its eye-catching purple-logoed storefront spas to more than 100 locations in 28 states.

It’s the nation’s largest employer of massage therapists who has topped Rs. 85 billion in annual system-wide sales. This chain has a nearly 50% share of the franchised day-spa market, according to a study and it is adding 100 more locations this year.

Finding the first location to provide body massage services in Bangalore was not easy, so he again took the help of the leading online portal and from their real estate solutions, he opened massage centers in various locations of India. Then he again started promoting his services on the portal and found the staff for his massage center. Do you know why did the chain connect? Its model hits the massage therapists, franchise owners, and sweet spot for clients.

Now, clients get lower-cost massages at convenient locations with soothing environments. For the therapist, body massage services in Bangalore offers an opportunity to gain experiences without the risks of business ownership. They have schedule flexibility and many opportunities to earn raises. Some locations even helped pay therapists’ health care premiums.

From the owner’s point of view, massage envy’s key selling point is the recurring revenue, which makes the initial investment between 29 lac to 68 lac, depending on leasing costs – feel less risky. Meanwhile, massage envy’s success has encouraged competitors and top challenger offers month-to-month memberships and does 30% of its business in skin treatments.

Other chains are going upscale and have more than 40 full-service day spas and attracting customers by promoting full body massage services in Bangalore as well as all their locations for an 80-minute massage. Meanwhile, Rahul said he’s got worried about the competition.

For one thing, the chain is the national brand that real estate agents know, which helps the massage centers snap up the best locations. And it has the customer data that competitors cannot match. Thus, the leading online portal gained his trust and he continues promoting his services and finding the best locations in several cities as well.

He is now getting clients from different parts of the country and also referring this website to his friends and colleagues. So, if you also want to attract clients and earn a handsome amount, promote your services for free on this portal, no matter which services you are offering and in which business you are!!

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