I am a single mother, having two children. To give my children a secure future, I am doing a job and handling all house tasks. As a single mother, sometimes it will get difficult to take time for your own health and give it a break. Regularly, I wake up at 6 a.m., keep children ready for the school, complete all house activities, and then leave home at 8.30 a.m. and reach the office at 9.00 a.m.

I am doing a 9 to 5 job so that I give equal time to my children. In the evening, I play with them and help him with the homework. Then I cook the dishes of their choice and again for some time we play while watching TV. And at 10 p.m., I let them sleep. This is my routine and I am enjoying doing my duties. But one day, my friend came at my house and she saluted me saying you are a great mom as being a single mother, it will get difficult to grown up a child alone but you grown-up your two children with such love and care that they do not even miss their father.

On that day, she also advised me to get body massage services in Rajkot so that I could feel relax and energized. But not even once in a life, I have taken any type of massage and she also can’t suggest to me the best massage center of Rajkot as she is from Mumbai. But she was aware of the online classified portal where the popular massage centers advertise their services. She told me that it doesn’t matter with your location, if you live in Rajkot, they will suggest you the prime body massage services in Rajkot.

So, I have searched that portal name called izydaisy, and found lots of categories. I was astound showing they are helping people with all their needs. They help with the leading classes like Computer Classes, Arts and Dance Classes, Sports Classes, and many more. Even I have inquired in two or three sports classes as one of my children loves playing cricket matches.

I was so lost that I forgot the reason I was on that site. I know you are laughing but that’s how I am. So, as soon as I remembered, I browsed the Spa and Salon category and found the list of popular massage centers that are providing full body massage services in Rajkot. I have found a massage center which is near to my home but just because it is near, I haven’t called. I called for an appointment because they have had mentioned their website address where I have seen services offered by them and also feedback from old customers.

Seeing this professionalism, I have found them genuine and booked an appointment. My two-hour experience at Tapas Thai Spa was immersive, you sink into the warmth and comfort of nimble strong skin and it will make your body sing. The spa is resting in a Reliance Mall as you walk up the stairs that you to the top, you are enveloped by the aroma of softly simmering essential oils. I took a walk around the establishment and took it all in, the white linen, decorated by rose petals and gerbera flowers strewn in patterns. And from my experience, I can say that all their body massage services in Rajkot are customized to every individual need and health requirements.

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