Surrounded by a breathtaking Himalayan mountain range, Pune is truly a traveler’s paradise. It is surrounded by flower-laden meadows and snow-clad peaks; Pune attracts visitors from all over who visit to unwind and relax in its pristine beauty.

Indulge in luxury body massage services in Pune can be a blessing in disguise for you looking out for ways to refresh and revitalize. It is home to various luxury spas offering the best body massages.

The leading service provider company comes with the best body massage services in Pune offering relaxing Aromachologie Massage, which involves various techniques including Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure, and Balinese massage to stimulate circulation and ease away stress.

I am working in the IT industry with a private firm in Pune. Influenced by a couple of my friends and offers available on izydaisy, I thought of getting an ayurvedic body massage to feel relaxed. It was my first massage experience and I had a lot of positive expectations from the massage center. I had a very positive experience and would like to share it with you.

Based on the advertisement, there were two branches of the Twacha massage center and both branches carried two different numbers. I called one of the branches which are around 2km from my house and took an appointment at 7 pm on 25th December. It is the time when India vs. Pakistan match was scheduled to start. So, I asked to reschedule my appointment at the location which I called is belongs to another branch which is 5km from my house.

I get a call around 6 pm on 25th December for body massage services in Pune and I could recognize the number and thought the call must be from Twacha and the person must have called to remind me of my appointment at 7 pm! I got impressed with their customer service. That call was to confirm the appointment.

Once I reached the massage center, I got a warm welcome from the staff. After about two minutes of looking around, a person enters from outside with few pamphlets of Twacha in his hand and aware me about their latest offers and services.

Then they greeted me with fruits and chocolates to make my visit memorable. After a few minutes, I entered the warm massage room and I found everything perfect. They took to take care of every little thing from cream and lotions to massage chairs and tables. The massage started at 7.30 pm and completed by 7.45 pm. I have been asked to wait for 10 minutes before taking a bath after the massage and both men went out to wash their hands. After 5 minutes, a person entered the massage room and put a towel on the door and said the hot water is available and now you can take the bath and I have also been given soap and shampoo.

After taking my bath, when I took the towel, it was soft and gave a warm feeling. Finally, I came out of the massage room. Then they asked me about the feedback and where did I get a reference to their massage center. I told them about the leading company who are helping out the people in need with the best body massage services in Pune and found your advertisement.

By looking out your professional approach, you have gained my trust and I called you for an appointment. I loved your services and the portal’s services. Keep it up both of you and I will refer services of both to my friends and colleagues.

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