Basic to Advanced Tips for Alexa App and Echo Dot Setup

Well, the Alexa app is famous for its skills & features. Amazon Alexa app is used for the Echo dot setup. You can do Alexa setup and amazon echo setup by following a few steps.

So here, you will see step by step instructions for Amazon echo dot, set up echo dot, and Alexa dot setup.

How to set up Alexa? First, download Alexa app from, and do Alexa login. After that, start work on Amazon Alexa setup with the Echo device. Go to Alexa app settings and add your wifi network in it.

Connect Alexa to wifi by entering the password of the wifi network. Now, add your information in Alexa like name, location, language, etc.

Let's move for Amazon Echo dot setup and setting up echo dot. How to setup Amazon Echo? First, plugin your Amazon echo device whatever it is. You will see a blue light on it, after a few

seconds it will show you orange light on it. Its mean echo is ready to use.

Now, go to Alexa app settings, select your Amazon Echo from the list of the echo devices. We have done the Alexa app setup with Amazon echo dot. Use the Amazon Alexa app to control your home

gadgets and more.

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