How to do Echo Dot Setup and Alexa Setup?

Alexa app is very useful to control your home gadgets. To get benefits from the Amazon Alexa app, you have to download Alexa app from in your device. After that work on

Amazon Alexa setup for Amazon echo dot or all other devices. Let's see how to set up Alexa?

Simple steps are here for the Alexa dot setup. After install Alexa app, Enter id & PW for Alexa login. Connect Alexa to wifi and put your details in it like your name, address, etc. With this

detail, Alexa will recognize you to help you to give the answers to your questions.

Now select your Amazon echo device whatever you have from the list. Let's move to the Amazon echo dot setup with the Amazon Alexa app. How to Setup Echo Dot? First, plug in your echo dot and

wait for orange light. After a few seconds, you will see a blue light that means setting up Echo dot is done.

Now, you can ask any question to Alexa. Ask for songs, calling or messaging, online shopping, weather, etc.

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