Amazon Alexa Setup and Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Amazon Alexa app helps to control your home devices. How? To use the Alexa app, you must download Alexa app from or Google play store in your device.

After that, let's work on Alexa setup with Amazon Echo dot or other devices.

Alexa login by adding id & PW of Amazon account. Connect Alexa to wifi network by entering the password of your wifi connection. Next, select your Amazon echo from the list of Echo devices.

Let's do setting up echo dot. Plugin your Amazon echo. You will see an orange light for a few seconds after that, it will turn in blue light. It means setup echo dot and Alexa dot setup is


Use the Alexa app for Echo dot setup and control or ask questions to Alexa. Give the command to Alexa by using your voice to turn on lights, find TV shows or watch movies, lock doors, and do

more with compatible connected devices. Also, you can get the Alexa app for pc, Android, iOS, tablet, iPhone, etc.

If you are facing any type of problem in your Amazon Echo device so here, you will see the easy steps for Amazon echo setup, echo plus setup, Amazon Echo dot setup, how to set up Alexa, etc.

Follow the steps for the Alexa app setup, how to setup amazon echo, how to setup echo dot, and Amazon Alexa setup.

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