Why Hire Young People?

“Do Not Hire Freshers” is the title of one of our more controversial videos on Jagaha’s YouTube channel. Having said that, there is a multitude of benefits of hiring young folks. From our experience, here are three of the top benefits that and undeniable to any hiring manager whether it be here in India or anywhere else in the world when looking at bringing on young people.

Blank Slate
Have you heard of the expression: it’s easier to write on a blank slate… well, it’s true! Combined with being younger & just coming out of the learning process (school) makes it easier for an employer to teach them their work and is easier for them to learn new things in their job, certainly faster than an experienced person.

Young people almost always bring energy to one’s organization. Most young workers are eager to learn, build their experience and apply their skills in the workforce. This enthusiasm is great for team building, productivity and workplace morale.

If your organization is lucky enough to higher on the right young people, you will likely be getting a great bang for your buck (Rupee!). To be frank, as of this writing there are many young people with little experience (in fact landing a good job in India can be a challenge) – so the name of the game is to get that experience. It is what it is. There are of course issues, “you pay for what you get,” so don’t be too chindi!

We know in India that filling one’s firm with quality young talent can be challenging whether recruiting for your office space in Mumbai or Bangalore, but if you do it right – you will be glad you hire on young folks to your grow your company.

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