3 Revolutions: How to Retain Employees

The world of business has seen three revolutions:

– The Industrial Revolution

– The Information Revolution

– The Social & Digital Revolution

Industrial Revolution
In the Industrial Revolution, it was a move from the difficult life of agriculture to working for industry. Nevertheless, it’s still without a doubt fighting for survival – attaining the basic necessities such as food, clothes, and shelter. One goes to work for their needs so whatever is forced on them largely stayed (stays). This is the era of the ”boss is always right.” Does this sound familiar to this day in India?

Information Revolution
The Information Revolution has come more recently where IT companies, with largely back office work, appeared in India and a part of India’s workforce was no longer there to just survive, but to improve the standard of living from good food out at restaurants, to Bollywood movies at PVR to increasing life spans from access to medicines & hospitals that were largely not equipped in prior years. The Information Revolution moves beyond survival to improving the standard of living with far more perks than the Industrial Revolution, but still largely trapped to one’s employer. Does this sound familiar to this day in India?

Digital & Social Revolution
The Social Revolution (aka Digital Revolution) can be found in today’s young Indian educated workforce, where survival and basic perks of the standard of living is a given – no need to worry, the basics and the small fun stuff is taken care of. Now, if the salary gets cut, another job will come along – the boss is most certainly not always right. Does this sound familiar to this day in India?

Today’s workforce (the most educated in the country) needs something else, they want the quality of life which means the quality of the workplace, the quality of the job, quality of the environment, quality of role opportunity of learning and rewards. The desire for personal growth is a must! Does this sound familiar to this day in India?

The truth is, all three revolutions are upon us here in our country of 1.3B, but the times are certainly changing.

With that said, it really depends on who you are trying to attract to your firm, but if you are looking for your office space in Mumbai to Delhi to Bangalore or anywhere else in India to recruit & maintain the best talent the companies must ensure that they realize that the Digital & Social Revolution in India is upon us. Jai Hind!

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