ezTalks encounter Windows10, cloud meeting wave again struck


2015 at the beginning of the year, Microsoft Windows10 preview version of the heavy release is undoubtedly the most recent IT session of the most focused eyeball news. The new system will be unified PC, tablet, mobile phone and other platforms, cloud conference industry will also usher in a new development opportunities.
ezTalks will build a broader cloud conference

Recently, the test shows ezTalks video conferencing software in the Windows10 operating system on the perfect run. The win10 system can not only run on the PC, tablet, mobile phones and other platforms, and provide free upgrades. This means that ezTalks video conferencing software can also run on all Windows10 system mobile devices, coupled with now support for Android and IOS system, ezTalks future will create a broader integrated cloud platform to promote mobile cloud conference into a new The development stage.

It is reported that in the past few video software products to support Windows Phone mobile phone operating system and Windows RT flat panel operating system, and Win10 came out with the same as the Nokia mobile system to run the WP terminal ezTalks cloud conference opened a door.
Break the platform and the system difference fence, a move fresh eat all over the sky

It is understood that, after Windows10, Microsoft no longer distinguish between hardware devices, all the equipment, including PC, mobile phones, tablet, and even Xbox and wearable equipment, are a set of operating system work together. And the original will be able to perfect docking PC-side windows10 system ezTalks future will be “like a duck,” from then on, breaking the different platforms, the application system between the different fence, a video conferencing system can sweep Windows major equipment platform, To achieve seamless access, can be described as “a move fresh eat all over the sky.”

Therefore, even if the user left the emergency office in the middle of the meeting, you can also quickly switch to mobile phones such as mobile phones, pad, wearable devices and other mobile terminals to continue to access remote meetings, and easy to enjoy a variety of files such as smooth sharing of multimedia applications.
Windows10 come out for the video conference to bring new growth points

Windows has long been our standard on the PC configuration, in recent years, WindowsXP, Vista, 7,8 … … all the way advanced, and finally went to Windows10, it is also a moment without affecting the development of video conferencing changes.

Prior to this, users in different terminals using video conferencing, you need to install the software version corresponding to the system, and different versions of the software operating methods and functions are not the same, the user needs to learn and adapt many times. And Windows10 available or will break the situation, the use of video conferencing experience to a new level.
“From the product point of view, Windows10 unified multiple platforms will save video technology vendors the cost of technology investment, simplify the product line, and bring a new growth point for the video conferencing industry,” said ezTalks product director.

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