Branded for the brand, eztalks re-gains “video conference well-known brand award”
Recently, by the Chinese digital audio and video engineering network, “digital audio and video engineering” magazine hosted the 2014 China Digital AV audio and video industry top ten brand selection activities settled, ezTalks topped the list, from more than 800 candidates stand out , Was named “2014 annual video conference well-known brand award”.
Video Conference Famous Brand Award
Video market size has expanded year by year, “scientific research + service” achievements brand winner

It is understood that the selection of the industry awards activities gathered in the field of audio and video more than 800 manufacturers brand, the organizers of China’s digital audio and video engineering network, “digital audio and video engineering” magazine consistently consistent, fair and professional third-party industry Service platform concept, designed to promote the development of digital audio and video engineering industry. After four months of intense competition, after the majority of manufacturers, distributors, project providers, end customers, media practitioners layers of voting and industry experts to strictly review the network video conferencing brand ( ezTalks Beat the pack, eventually won the “2014 video conference well-known brand award”, played the 2015 sheep years at the beginning of the cloud field of the strongest voice.
In recent years, China’s video conferencing system market has expanded year by year, including ezTalks, including the major manufacturers crowded. Data show that in 2013 the market size reached 9.68 billion yuan, an increase of 11.52%, while the 2014 performance of a substantial increase again. In the face of the industry tend to intensify the competition, ezTalks carefully deployed brand solid road, from the increase in product research and development focus and improve service quality two-pronged approach, step by step, always adhere to the pursuit of brand excellence, leading industry development. According to the relevant earnings data show that this year, ezTalks is the third consecutive year to achieve more than 100% growth, brand reputation is also popular year by year, has won the “2014 Deloitte high technology, high growth China 50”, “Shenzhen good products “,” High-speed growth award “and other heavy awards, scientific research + services go hand in hand to promote the ezTalks in the brand building on the breakthrough, a leading brand.
EzTalks against 2015, customized strategy to tackle the video market

The domestic video conferencing industry has matured for many years, but in a lot of subdivision applications still infiltration little, the root cause is because there is no customization of product design and development. Therefore, 2015 ezTalks will focus on the deployment and implementation of differentiation strategy, and strive to build a highly mature, demand to determine the product form of the cloud conference system, in-depth attack on small and medium enterprises and more industry applications video conferencing market.
“Product and demand” contradiction exists in the core reason is that the development of these products are the first technology, after the product, the last is the customer’s logical process, and this logic is often difficult to birth truly meet customer demand for products and cause technology and Waste of resources. First understand the customer, understand the demand, and then plan the product, the last is the technical breakthrough and integration – this product process is customized product process. And this will be the main direction for us to win the future! “Said ezTalks official.

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