“Millions of fans” to join ezTalks to open TV media interactive entertainment new era
Recently, which lasted 3 months by the Tianjin Satellite TV joint Sina co-production of the world’s first mobile network linked to live social reality show “million fans” smooth ending. This program since the launch since the topic constantly, Sina microblogging topic reading more than 3.06 billion, the finals is brilliant. One of the biggest highlights is the use of online video conferencing (www.fsmeeting.com) the first brand -ezTalks and real-time interaction with the audience, open a new era of interactive television media entertainment.
TV interaction from the traditional model, the global video interconnection or become a trend

Most TV viewers will watch TV shows, television programs and audience interaction mode is more simple, SMS and telephone is normal. As the fashion and the trend of the television media, interactive mode is still remain in the traditional form. The Tianjin TV took the lead in the use of ezTalks video conferencing software to achieve multi-screen 8-box TV video interaction, the real audience and the program live real-time interaction.

EzTalks Turn on TV media for real-time interaction
This full HD, excellent quality video real-time interactive TV program so that the audience in the sigh of technology at the same time, have for the TV live interactive point of praise. Not only the form of novel, interesting, but also to more ordinary viewers see the video industry technology with each passing day.

Triple play, enhance the audience participation

In recent years, more and more people choose to watch TV programs on the video site, especially after 80,90 young people to accept new things very strong, most people began to gradually do not watch the live broadcast section, instead of using video customers Watch the video, resulting in television ratings are diverted. TV station is the time to change the traditional one-way programming, turn to real-time interactive-oriented two-way communication mode.
How to put the audience has been defected to the Internet and then back to the living room, one of the feasible ways is to allow the audience to participate in television programs, and real-time interaction with the audience to enhance their viscidity for television programs, the only constraint is How to find the right software carrier to achieve real-time network interaction. The ezTalks video conferencing to real-time audio and video interactive, users directly through the software to participate, but also to achieve triple play, mobile phone, PC-side can be real-time interaction with the TV program. To high-definition online video and remote interaction, increase the fun of the program, to attract more viewers to the TV up, to create a new interactive mode of television media entertainment.
With the ezTalks video conferencing software, the audience from the phone side, PC-side real-time interactive TV, the text “barrage” to the portrait sound on the TV, the entertainment spirit of the interpretation of the more vivid, traditional TV programs from the one-way The audience becomes the true meaning of television programs and the audience of two-way communication.

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